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November 2018

Finding Extra Benefits in Alternatives to Egg Ingredients (Food Business News)

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There is still a demand for alternative ingredients to extend or replace eggs in food products. Drivers include reduced risk in volatile markets, cost incentives and/or formulating for vegan or allergen-free foods. Citri-Fi natural citrus fiber provides high water holding capacity and emulsification properties that can be used to extend or reduce egg in bakery products.

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Finding Extra Benefits in Alternative to Egg Ingredients (Food Business News)

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Citri-Fi a Natural Alternative to Phosphates in Meat & Poultry

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marinated poultry chicken grilledThe market is seeking natural ingredient alternatives to improve food labeling. Meat and poultry are no exception. New and emerging natural options are offering opportunities to improve food products without compromising on quality.

Fiberstar continues to support new science supporting Citri-Fi citrus flour. Citri-Fi 100M40 in conjunction with phosphates is commonly used to improve yields and texture in poultry products. This natural, functional citrus flour also plays a crucial role in replacing phosphates. Learn more by checking out the below articles:

Evaluation of Citrus Fiber as a Natural Alternative to Sodium Tripolyphosphate in Bologna

Physical and Chemical Effects of Citrus Fiber as a Natural Alternative to Tripolyphosphate in Bologna & Roasted Turkey

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