Fiberstar Launches Citri-Fi® 150, a Natural Fiber for Pet Food & Treats

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In response to the rapidly growing pet food and treat market, Fiberstar launches a new, cost effective fiber, Citri-Fi 150, to improve texture, nutrition and quality of companion pet food products.


various dog treats and biscuits by a bowlThe recent humanization trend in pet care is one of the primary market trends driving a plethora of new companion pet products. In the past, pets served to protect the house and farm, eliminate predators and rodents and haul heavy loads. Today, pets are not only part of the family, but in some instances, these furry beings are people’s children. In response to the exploding pet care market, Fiberstar, Inc. ( launched Citri-Fi 150 natural citrus fiber to improve the texture, enhance nutrition and provide cost savings in pet food and treats.

“We are pleased to launch the Citri-Fi 150 citrus fiber. This natural ingredient rounds out our portfolio of offerings,” says John Haen, CEO and President of Fiberstar, Inc. “We not only offer our flagship Citri-Fi to the food and beverage industry, but now, also to the pet food and treat segment.”

Citri-Fi is sustainably produced from byproduct of the citrus fruit. The patented technology is a mechanical process which is free from chemicals and opens up the fiber to provide high water holding capacity and emulsification properties. Citri-Fi 150 offers a multitude of benefits in various pet treats. In injection molded bones, this natural fiber aids in flowability and mold release as well as adds strength to extend chew times. In semi-moist treats, this natural fiber binds the water to improve the meat-like texture in addition to minimizing crumb. Other benefits include moisture retention, reduced stickiness and texturizing.

“Citri-Fi 150 offers pet food and treat manufacturers a cost effective, functional fiber which is unique versus lower functioning fibers on the market,” states Mr. Haen. “Our patented technology and manufacturing process gives us the flexibility to create new products for new growing markets like companion pet.” Other fibers on the market tend to be bulking agents with little to no functional benefit. As a result, other costly functional ingredients are used to improve the product quality.

The same functionalities and cost savings that Citri-Fi 150 provides pet food and treats benefits certain applications within the meat and bakery categories. This includes extending meat while maintaining texture and quality. Within baked goods, the Citri-Fi binds water to improve freshness over shelf life.

Citri-Fi 150 is grain-free, non-GMO, allergen-free and made in the U.S.A. This plant-based ingredient contributes fiber and can be labeled as citrus fiber, dried citrus pulp or citrus flour which resonate well in the natural human and companion pet food markets.

For more information, please contact Dr. Brock Lundberg, Ph.D. at or (715) 425-7550 x 102.

Fiberstar, Inc. is a privately held innovative biotechnology Company focused on enhancing food performance by manufacturing and marketing value-added food ingredients. Its largest brand, Citri-Fi is an all-natural highly functional fiber produced sustainably from citrus fiber using a patented process. Citri-Fi is GRAS, non-allergenic, neutral in taste & odor and non-GMO. This functional fiber line benefits meat, dairy, bakery, gluten-free, sauce, condiments, frozen food, beverage and health & wellness food products through textural improvements, nutritional enhancements and/or cost savings. Headquartered in River Falls, Wisconsin with manufacturing in Florida and Wisconsin, Fiberstar sells products globally in over 65 countries.

Check out Fiberstar at the upcoming 2018 IFT Annual Expo Short Courses: Citrus Fiber

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Check out Fiberstar at the upcoming 2018 IFT Annual Expo Short Courses. Register using the below link. 

Dr. Villwock, Ph.D. will be discussing how to formulate with citrus fiber in various food and pet applications. This natural citrus fiber is used to improve texture, nutrition and labeling of food products.

PM7 Formulating for Function: Winning Nutrition and Consumer Preference on Food Product Development using Dietary Fiber, Hydrocolloid, and Starch
Speaker: Dr. Kurt Villwock, Ph.D.
Dates: Saturday, July 14, 2018
Time: 10:25am – 11:25am
Location: Hilton Chicago
Topic: Formulating with Citrus Fiber, a Highly Functional Clean Label Fiber

For more information, please contact Dr. Kurt Villwock, Ph.D. – 

Poster Session: Microstructure of Dairy Emulsions Stabilized with Citrus Fiber

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Homemade Dark Chocolate Ice Cream in a BowlDr. Kurt Villwock, on behalf of Fiberstar will be representing a poster on “Microstructure of Dairy Emulsions Stabilized with Citrus Fiber” at the 3rd IDF Symposium on Microstructure of Dairy Products.

Dates: June 3-6, 2018
Location: Montreal, Canada

A trend that is continuing to grow in the dairy industry is driven by consumers who are demanding so-called clean label products. While dairy products as a segment enjoy a clean label image, more scrutiny has been put on any added emulsifiers in dairy systems because these ingredients often have chemical sounding names. Citrus fiber was found to be a strong alternative emulsifier and this project was conducted to help elucidate the mechanism of emulsification. It was found that, unlike traditional surfactant molecules that align in thin molecular layers around the surface of fat droplets, citrus fiber emulsifies at the particulate scale. It does not require strong mechanical forces to minimize droplet size because the fat is passively drawn to specific regions of the citrus fiber particle. This has been demonstrated here using confocal microscopy and fluorescent dye tracing strategies. The particles also have a strong water binding region which facilitates incorporation of the fat into aqueous products, completing the emulsion. Homogenization of dairy products containing citrus fiber will increase the surface area of the fiber, leading to greater access of the fat and water to bind with the fiber.

For more information, please contact Dr. Kurt Villwock, Ph.D. –

BLOG: Clean Label Trends Recap from the Association of Dressings and Sauces Technical Meeting

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pouring dressing over lettuce for a caesar saladThis year’s technical meeting took place in Charlotte, North Carolina. One of the key themes for this year’s meeting was clean label formulating. Two clean label presentations really stood out.

Clean Label Trends and Market Dynamics
The first was Annette Maggi’s talk on clear labeling vs. clean labeling. On one hand, consumers want packaged goods that have recognizable, easy to pronounce ingredients; and on the other hand, they want convenient food that does not spoil. Annette proposed shifting from clean labeling, to clear labeling. She recommended using manufacturers’ websites and other vetted sources to educate consumers about the role the ingredients are playing within the food system. Each ingredient on the label has a role in keeping the food safe and tasting great. She urges manufacturers to remember that taste, convenience, price and nutrition are key market drivers and clear labeling can help manufacturers align with consumer tastes.

Mark Corthwaite did the next standout presentation from DuPont. Mark demonstrated how clean label products outgrew their non-clean label counterparts in the U.S. marketplace. He gave several great examples. The first was the yogurt category. This category grew leaps and bounds with the introduction of Greek style high protein yogurts. Yet, in the last two years, the category has declined by 0.2% in U.S. dollars (USD) and 3.3% in volume. However, natural brands such as Siggi’s or Skyr have grown by 13% in USD and 11% by volume. The overall bread market has declined by 1.2% in USD. However, natural brands within the category are up by 20% USD. Ice cream was another standout. Overall, the category increased by just 1.5% USD. Natural brands grew 11% USD: the standout in this category was health and wellness brand Halo Top ice cream which grew by a whopping 1600% USD. Mark also emphasized that the product must taste good, be convenient, have a reasonable price and has nutritional value.

Clean Label Formulation Solution: Citrus Fiber
Formulating clean label products within any market category can be difficult. Citri-Fi® citrus fiber can help manufacturers in a variety of markets clean up their label by replacing less desirable ingredients. Citri-Fi is a sustainably manufactured ingredient that holds 7-10 times its weight in water and emulsifies 15-20 times its weight in oil. It is comprised of the whole fiber of citrus fruits, which is physically processed to keep the native composition intact. This process increases the surface area of the particle which gives it these unique attributes. The water holding capacity can help mop up syneresis in yogurts and can increase the moist, fresh baked quality of whole grain bread. Ice cream manufacturers can remove xanthan, guar and locust bean gum in addition to mono and diglycerides or lecithin from their label by using Citri-Fi in the place of these stabilizers. Citri-Fi holds onto water throughout freeze/thaw cycling, so the overall quality of the ice cream is improved. Citri-Fi can be labeled simply as citrus fiber, citrus flour or dried citrus pulp. This natural fiber is a great tool for manufacturers looking to clean up their labels while still maintaining taste and nutrition.

— Author: Nesha Zalesny (Technical Sales Manager)

Fiberstar Announces the Winners from the 2nd Citrus Fiber Student Innovation Contest

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Fiberstar’s global innovation contest provides University students around the world an opportunity to create new uses for Citri-Fi 125, a natural citrus fiber used in the food and beverage industry for high water holding capacity and natural emulsification properties.

Fiberstar, Inc. a global market leader in clean label food ingredient solutions for the food and beverage industry announced the winners to the 2nd Citri-Fi 125 Student Innovation Contest. Citri-Fi 125, a natural, non-GMO citrus fiber is one of the most recent additions to the Citri-Fi portfolio. To find new uses for this natural citrus fiber, Fiberstar launched a global innovation contest targeting University students. This contest focused not only on food applications, but also industrial applications as well. Over 50 applicants, globally, submitted a proposal in how to use the Citri-Fi 125.

“We are pleased that the program’s submission rate doubled this year. Many talented students globally created novel and innovative uses for this natural ingredient.” says Fiberstar, Inc. President and CEO, John Haen. “We will continue to support University food & industrial science programs by offering students opportunities to create natural ingredient solutions for the real world.”

A panel of judges ranked the students’ applications based on originality of concept, justification/market need, ingredient commercial feasibility, technical feasibility and quality of their report. A total of $30,000 was awarded to the six winning proposals in addition to the $5,000 presented to the top industrial application. The following winning teams and applications are:

1st Place: Citri-Fi 125 to improve hummus. Kansas State University (Yuda Ou, Yizhou Ben Ma, Jingwen Xu) Citri-Fi 125 enhances texture, reduces syneresis and increases profitability of hummus.

2nd Place: Nashville-style hot chicken sauce. Ohio State University (Elliot Dhuey, Yuko Nishikawa, Amanda Sia, Megan Kesler, Rachel Chen) Citrus fiber functionalities enhance flavor and rheological properties to improve cling and spice usage in sauces.

3rd Place: C-Nut Butter. University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Weipeng Qi , Jinning Liu, Yuejia Xu, Yiren Yue, Yanqi Qu, Ye Peng) A homemade peanut butter with high dietary fiber and low-fat content.

4th Place: Novel application of Citri-Fi 125FG to enhance shelf life of fresh meat. University of Wisconsin, Stout (Paige Elfering, Reddy Medagam, Sarah Keute, Erica Zalk, Emily Lehmann, Jozie MaClelland, Srikanth RR, Arpit Jain)

5th Place: Citri-Fi 125 is used as a natural coating to yield health improvement in French fries. Wageningen University (Miss Panitnart Kanjanatiwat, Miss Chunyi Yan, Mr. Gérault-Landry Aubry Baudouin Gauvin Nazaire Jonathan Maximilien Eggermont, Mr. Onkar Pratik) Citri-Fi 125 helps to reduce acrylamide level in French fries.

6th Place: Development of a novel whey cheese enriched with citrus fiber using the market name “Oran-Cheese”. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Athanasios Nikolaidis, Thomas Moschakis, Prodromos Prodomidis, Marios Andreadis)

1st Place for Industrial Application: Use of Citri-Fi Fiber as thickener to replace carboxymethyl cellulose in paper coatings. North Carolina State University (Preeti Tyagi, Michael Joyce). The citrus fiber improves quality and provides potential cost savings.

Fiberstar also offers other citrus fiber solutions via the 100 series line which contains different fiber content than the 125 series, the 200 series which is citrus fiber and guar gum and the 300 series which is the citrus fiber and xanthan gum. The Citri-Fi citrus fiber product lines provide food manufacturers clean label texturizing solutions for various food products including bakery, beverages, dressings, meats, sauces and dairy.

“Being a leader in the natural products market, we are excited to add new innovative solutions to our portfolio of applications. Our team will continue working closely with our Customers to provide superior technical service support, quality product and new ideas especially those generated from the most recent innovation contest. And we look forward to connecting with Universities and students in the future to continue the collaboration.”

For more information about the Innovation Contest applications, please contact Dr. Brock Lundberg at (651) 271-0328

Fiberstar Announces Natural, Plant-based Fibers to Improve Clean Label Food Products

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Food companies are looking for alternatives for modified starches, gums, chemical stabilizers and emulsifiers to create natural food products with cleaner labels. In the limelight is Citri-Fi®, a non-GMO citrus fiber that improves food quality and nutrition naturally using its unique holistic composition.

Fiberstar, Inc. offers natural, plant-based fiber product lines to improve quality, texture and health within food products. The push to clean up food label declarations escalated over the past few years. The focus was initially on artificial flavors and colors, however, today, various food ingredients are in question such as starches, gums, chemical emulsifiers and stabilizers. Food companies are quickly reformulating or creating new products using natural ingredients to improve food labeling. The challenge is that foods containing natural ingredients are not as tolerant to food processing conditions, as a result leaving the developers scrambling for alternatives.

“We recognize the growing need for natural, highly functional food ingredients and remain dedicated to providing the global marketplace alternatives to chemical or synthetic ingredients used in food,” says John Haen, CEO & President of Fiberstar, Inc. “We are excited to offer Citri-Fi®, a natural citrus fiber used to improve quality, texture and labeling in foods. No chemicals, alcohols or other processing aides are used in the production of Citri-Fi which differentiates our products from others.”

Citri-Fi, a natural citrus fiber derived from the citrus juicing industry is unique due to its patented, clean process. The process opens up the fiber to create high surface area which lends itself to high water holding capacity and emulsification properties which are key to developing high quality foods. Due to its insoluble and soluble fiber composition, this fiber contains about 40% native pectin which can be activated to produce gelling properties. This unique holistic composition creating multiple functionalities sets Citri-Fi apart from other fibers in the marketplace.

This natural citrus fiber is non-GMO, non-allergenic and gluten-free. Citri-Fi also qualifies under the new FDA dietary fiber guidelines, therefore, it contributes fiber. Citri-Fi can be labeled as citrus fiber, citrus flour or dried citrus fiber or pulp which all resonate well in the natural food markets.

Some of the Citri-Fi’s flagship clean label technologies are in the top food categories including:

Meats & Poultry: Citri-Fi in combination with native starches, like rice starch, can replace 100% phosphate while still maintaining improved yield and juicy texture in injected poultry products. Citri-Fi can be labeled as citrus flour which is preferred amongst natural meat & poultry processors. Other natural ingredients tend to plug up injection nozzles, produce average yield results and/or create unsavory gel pockets or soggy texture.

Dressing & Sauces: Due to Citri-Fi’s tomato-like fiber structure, this natural citrus fiber is ideal to improve quality and/or cost savings in tomato-like products such as sauces, condiments and spreads. When sheared, Citri-Fi produces viscosity which can reduce tomato solids usage in addition to maintaining red tomato color and flavor. And due to the high surface area, this fiber minimizes syneresis. Other ingredients like starches and gums tend to create unnatural slimy textures, lighten the color and produce off-flavors. In oil-based dressings, Citri-Fi provides natural emulsification properties to tightly bind oil and water.

Dairy Products: Citri-Fi can replace chemical stabilizers in frozen dairy products to minimize ice crystal formation and improve smooth mouthfeel. In other dairy products like yogurts and smoothies, this natural fiber can be used to minimize syneresis and create a great mouthfeel while improving the label declaration especially in fruit-based versions.

Plating for Liquid Products: Citri-Fi can be used to turn liquid flavor oils into powders which then can be easily incorporated into food products. Due to the high surface area, Citri-Fi can hold up to 25-30% oil and still be free flowing. This natural functional carrier can be used to deliver flavor oil in beverages or antioxidants like rosemary into meat products to improve shelf-life. Other plating agents are chemical-based, require a costly spray drying process or have limited functionality in the final product. Citri-Fi not only serves as a natural carrier, but also, this natural fiber provides stabilization and improved texture and mouthfeel in food products like beverages.

“The Company has entered in an exciting time. Our global technical service teams are dedicated to supporting our customers during their quest to clean up labels and/or improve texture and quality. R&D continues to pioneer new products from citrus byproduct and find new application uses,” concludes Mr. Haen. “We are positioned to grow with the increasing demand for more natural foods and look forward to expanding our global customer base.”


Fiberstar, Inc. is a privately held innovative biotechnology Company focused on enhancing food performance by manufacturing and marketing value-added food ingredients. Its largest brand, Citri-Fi is an all-natural highly functional fiber produced sustainably from citrus fiber using a patented process. Citri-Fi is GRAS, non-allergenic, neutral in taste & odor and non-GMO. This functional fiber line benefits meat, dairy, bakery, gluten-free, sauce, condiments, frozen food, beverage and health & wellness food products through textural improvements, nutritional enhancements and/or cost savings. Headquartered in River Falls, Wisconsin with manufacturing in Florida and Wisconsin, Fiberstar sells products globally in over 65 countries.

Fiberstar Announces Citri-Fi Student Innovation Contest

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 Win $10,000 – Student Innovation Contest using Novel Citrus Fibers

To support University academia and the Food Science communities, Fiberstar initiated a Student innovation contest involving new and novel uses for citrus fiber. This contest not only provides Students experience creating solutions for real world issues, but also, firsthand knowledge in how to formulate using clean and sustainable ingredients.

Fiberstar, Inc. (River Falls, WI) a global market leader in clean label food ingredient solutions announces a Student Innovation Contest entailing new and novel ways to use citrus fiber. This contest is introduced during a time when the food industry is exploding with cleaner and simpler versions of food products that appeal to a new, knowledgeable growing consumer base. This consumer base is seeking food products that contain ingredients that are recognizable, simple and natural. “We are thrilled to offer Universities and Students an opportunity to apply their food science knowledge and creativity to solve real world challenges.” said Fiberstar, Inc. President and CEO, John Haen. “Formulating with citrus fiber will give Students experience using cutting edge natural ingredients like Citri-Fi.”

Citri-Fi is a natural citrus fiber derived from citrus pulp, which is a byproduct of the orange juicing process, processed using a patented process with technology licensed from the University of Minnesota.This natural fiber contains soluble and insoluble fiber, protein and lipid which provide multiple functionalities for any array of food applications. These benefits include moisture retention, natural emulsification, gelling properties, stabilization, yield improvement and texturization which can improve the nutritional profile, enhance quality over shelf-life and/or extend costly ingredients to provide cost savings. And Citri-Fi can be used in meats, bakery, dairy, beverages and sauce food applications. This natural ingredient is non-GMO, non-allergenic, contributes fiber and accepted on the National Organic Program list. Fiberstar developed and recently launched a new clean label product called Citri-Fi 125 with unique properties compared to the previously developed products, which is the focal point for the design competition.

The Contest
Proposed food applications can be from any category and the competition can be part of a class or independent study project. These food concepts should be designed for scale up and global commercial distribution, taking into account market need, cost and ingredient quality. Fiberstar also included a $5,000 prize for the most innovative non-food application (e.g. energy, chemical, industrial, etc.).  Final submissions will be a final report with photographs of a prototype and respective formulations and procedures.

This innovation contest has a total prize pool of $25,000!
1st place winner of $10,000
2nd place winner of $5,000
3rd thru 6th place winner at $2,500 each
Non-food Application Winner $5,000

Contest submission are due no later than December 15th, 2017. A panel of judges will assess each idea using the following criteria: originality of concept, market need, ingredient commercial feasibility, technical feasibility and quality of the report.

If you are interested in more information, please contact Dr. Brock Lundberg at or visit Interested contestants will receive a contest packet which includes Citri-Fi samples, contest guidelines and rules and Citri-Fi product usage guidelines.

The Contest Packet:
Citri-Fi 125 Innovation Challenge Guidelines
Citri-Fi 125 Contest Poster

Fiberstar, Inc. Launches a Natural Plant Fiber to Improve Tomato-based Food Product Quality and Labeling

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Natural plant-based fiber derived from citrus used to improve texture in tomato-based food products like sauces, condiments and spreads and to create cleaner food labels by replacing starches, gums and other chemical-based ingredients.

Fiberstar, Inc., a global market leader in clean label food ingredient solutions for the food and beverage industry, offers Citri-Fi® 125. This natural citrus fiber is used to improve tomato-based food products by replacing starches and gums that are used to thicken and extend real tomato in sauces, condiments and spreads. Today, more than ever, consumers connect ingredients to the foods they eat by reading food labels. As a result, consumers expect recognizable, short and transparent labels which is driving the need for clean label ingredients.

Fiberstar, Inc. President and CEO, John Haen says, “This new use for our flagship Citri-Fi product comes timely as our Customers are looking to replace starches and gums in various foods such as meats, sauces, beverages and baked goods to improve label declaration.”

The food industry is responding by reformulating or creating foods using a whole foods approach which is perceived to be healthier to the consumer.

“Our natural citrus fiber aligns with today’s consumers expectations when it comes to clean label.” says Mr. Haen.

Citri-Fi 125 is a natural citrus fiber produced from the orange juicing process. The clean, patented process creates high surface area which lends itself to high water holding capacity and emulsification properties. This natural fiber’s composition of soluble and insoluble fibers simulates tomato fibers texture and composition. When sheared, Citri-Fi also provides a significant increase in viscosity. Used at 0.5% or less, tomato paste reductions of 10% or more are possible. Unlike starches and gums, this natural fiber also maintains the deep red color and enhances the tomato flavor throughout the food cooking process. Moreover, Citri-Fi creates the tomato texture that consumers expect when eating foods rich in tomato. On the other hand, ingredients like starches and gums tend to create unnatural slimy or pasty textures. In addition to the improved texture, Citri-Fi is stable to freeze/thaw, low pH, heat and shear conditions. Additionally, it will assist to bind up water from syneresis and any free oils present in sauces.

Citri-Fi is non-GMO, non-allergenic and National Organic Compliant. This natural fiber has no e-number and can be labeled as citrus fiber, dried citrus pulp or citrus flour which resonates well in the clean label market. Citri-Fi is approved by the FDA and FSMA dietary fiber guidelines, as a result, it contributes fiber to foods.

Citri-Fi is a valuable tool in any clean label product developer’s toolbox. It is used to replace chemical or synthetic ingredients in various food applications including, but limited to, gums in beverages, phosphates in meats, gums and starches in sauces and spreads and maltodextrin or silicates in oil-based plated delivery systems.

John Haen concludes, “We continue to work closely with our Customers to provide innovative and natural solutions to improve food product quality and labeling, globally. We are in an excellent position to grow with the projected clean label demands and we continue to invest in new clean label technologies and additional production for the future.”


About Fiberstar, Inc.

Fiberstar, Inc. is a privately held innovative biotechnology Company focused on enhancing food performance by manufacturing and marketing value-added food ingredients. Its largest brand, Citri-Fi is an all-natural highly functional fiber produced sustainably from orange pulp using a patented process. Citri-Fi is GRAS, non-allergenic, neutral in taste & odor and non-GMO.  This functional fiber line benefits meat, dairy, bakery, gluten-free, sauce, condiments, frozen food, beverage and health & wellness food products through textural improvements, nutritional enhancements and/or cost savings.  Headquartered in River Falls, Wisconsin with manufacturing in Florida and Wisconsin, Fiberstar sells products globally in over 65 countries.

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Manufacturing Engineer

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Come Work for a Fast Growing, Global Food Ingredient Company – Engineer Wanted!

Position:  Manufacturing Engineer
Location:  Clewiston, Florida
Manufacturing Engineer Job Description 161111

Company Brief:

Fiberstar, Inc. is a rapidly growing food ingredient company focusing on improving food freshness and nutrition through technological innovation.  Fiberstar’s investment in research has led to the development of unique products that improve the physical and functional characteristics of a wide variety of foods for food manufacturers all over the world.    This engineer position will report directly to the Plant Manager at the Clewiston, FL production facility to develop and maintain a fully functioning maintenance/engineering system. More information on the company and its products can be seen on our website at:

Job Description Summary:

  • Apply standard engineering techniques in the analysis of existing production lines from raw materials to finished packages.
  • Initiate, implement, and cost justify modifications to production lines in response to equipment performance, line utilization, and product quality issues.
  • Understand production line capabilities for process operations, identify bottleneck operations, and implement improvements. Interface with logistics, maintenance, engineering, and production to resolve equipment availability issues.
  • As an active member of the process engineering team, continually improve the rates, efficiencies, yields, and costs of manufacturing systems
  • Provide technical resources to all company departments and be an active participant in cross-functional teams.
  • Incorporate safety, sanitation, good manufacturing practices, HACCP, and code requirements into design work.
  • Provide training to production and maintenance personnel.
  • Manage engineering projects to meet performance expectations and cost projections; direct contractors when appropriate.
  • Provide leadership through production line and new product commissioning.
  • Be actively involved in the development and implementation of the long-term improvement programs.
  • Manage engineering projects to meet performance expectations and cost projections.
  • Develop ideas for savings, innovation, and quality improvements that are relevant to the business.
  • Collaborate with business, and technical peers on assigned projects, as well as external partners and resources to meet company milestones.
  • Ensure that adequate Engineering / Maintenance are operating within all Federal, State, Local and Corporate safety guidelines and procedures.
  • Maintain and control the operations of the Engineering / Maintenance ensuring compliance to all standards and specifications while maintaining high standards workmanship.
  • Work closely with Director of Operations and Engineering, Director of Operations –Clewiston, and Plant Engineers to select and manage equipment suppliers and vendors.
  • Select, hire and manage engineering consultants and construction contractors.
  • Perform any other assigned to meet company and business needs

Skills and Abilities:

  • Excellent troubleshooting ability of electrical, mechanical, and automated systems
  • Self-starter; ability to work independently or with minimal direction, and navigate ambiguous situations effectively.
  • Communicate effectively both written and verbal in all directions to multiple levels of experience.
  • Education in a relevant engineering field. Preference given to engineering, reliability, and maintenance experience in the food industry.
  • Experienced in AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, Preventive Maintenance Systems, computer networking
  • Rockwell PLC troubleshooting
  • Electrical installation and troubleshooting knowledge (MCC, Motors, Controls, Ethernet)
  • Knowledgeable in material transfer systems, pumps, piping, powder conveying, and packaging.

Additional Requirements:

  • Must be able to read, write, and communicate in the English language.
  • Willingness to work occasional nights, holidays, and weekends as needed should business conditions require it.
  • Ability to work in articulated man lifts, and high platforms.
  • Due to the need to be able to identify wire colors and LED indicator lights color vision will be required.
  • Ability to lift 60 lbs as need in normal course of job duties.
  • Occasional travel required for project meetings, supplier/consultant meetings, and inspections

In Return:

  • A base salary to commensurate with experience.
  • Benefits package, including medical insurance, flex-plan, & 401(k)
  • Great opportunity to grow with a small company that is well-positioned for continued growth in the global marketplace.

Fiberstar, Inc. Introduces Natural, Clean Label Food Ingredient Solutions for Beverage Products

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Citri-Fi® a natural citrus fiber provides multiple functionalities such as texture, emulsification, stabilization, pulp extension and mouthfeel when replacing ingredients such as carrageenan, gums, starch, corn-based maltodextrins and other chemically modified ingredients in clean label beverages.

Fiberstar, Inc. President and CEO, John Haen says, “Initially, we began marketing Citri-Fi to Europe as an E-number replacement option for beverages. Today, we are assisting Customers around the globe with starch and/or gum replacement solutions, including carrageenan, in beverages.”

Formulating with natural and clean label ingredients is not an easy feat. This requires resources and support. “We continue to work with beverage manufacturers to provide superior technical service alongside the Citri-Fi product to optimize their formulation efforts.” says Mr. Haen.

Citri-Fi’s patented physical process creates a citrus fiber containing a unique composition of insoluble and soluble fiber (mostly native pectin), protein and lipids. The high surface area and native pectin provide the natural emulsification stabilization needed in certain beverages. This is key to replacing one or more E-number or negatively perceived ingredients which vary by region and country including and not limited to carrageenan, xanthan gum, titanium dioxide, starches, maltodextrin and other gums.

One recent trend is carrageenan replacement in beverages like neutral protein drinks such as sports nutrition and non-dairy or nut-based milks. Citri-Fi 100M40 at 0.3% in conjunction with gellan gum at 0.03% can replace 100% carrageenan while maintaining superior mouthfeel and oil and protein stabilization over shelf life. In a similar way, Citri-Fi also can replace other gums including xanthan gum. In instant dry mix beverages, Citri-Fi 100FG at 0.6% can be used to replace 100% of the xanthan gum while maintaining organoleptic properties such as mouthfeel and texture. On other hand, some manufacturers look for natural clouding agents. Citri-Fi 100M40 is used at 0.001% to 0.015% in conjunction with another natural stabilizer and shear to create cloud in a homogenous and stable beverages.

When using flavor oils, replacing silica or maltodextrins is another area of interest. Citri-Fi 100M40 has about 25% oil load and can disperse flavor-based oils into beverages at about 0.25% depending on the oil. Not only does the Citri-Fi provide oil stabilization once dispersed, but also, this natural fiber improves the mouthfeel, texture and clouding in the final beverage.

Other beverage solutions includes pulp extension. In certain parts of the world, extending pulp of expensive fruits is a cost savings strategy. Depending on the fruit or vegetable drink, Citri-Fi 100 at 0.3% to 0.4% can replace up to 15% pulp. Not only may this provide cost savings, but this natural fiber can be labeled as citrus fiber, dried citrus pulp or citrus flour.

Because Citri-Fi’s functionalities complement most hydrocolloids on the market and because ingredient perception varies among consumers, manufacturers have more options to choose from when creating a clean label beverage. Citri-Fi is non-GMO, National Organic Program Compliant, allergen-free and considered sustainable.

John Haen concludes, “This is an exciting time for our Company. Our natural Citri-Fi product offerings meet the needs of the clean label market. We are globally recognized as a plant-based, natural, multi-functional fiber producer which positions us in various attractive markets.”