What is Citri-Fi?

Citri-Fi is a line of unique, multi-functional fibers derived from orange pulp. Our customers use Citri-Fi products to improve profit margins, quality, nutrition, and label declarations.

Citri-Fi helps accomplish these objectives by tightly binding moisture to improve quality and yields; partially replacing oil, fat, eggs and meat to reduce costs; and replacing less label friendly ingredients to improve label declarations.


What makes Citri-Fi Different?

Citri-Fi is not purified, but is left holistic to include both soluble and insoluble fiber, protein, sugar and fat. Fiberstar uses a patented mechanical process that opens this holistic fiber structure to create a porous fiber matrix that has high internal surface area. Citri-Fi employs multiple binding mechanisms that enable its impressive functionality in a wide variety of applications. Citri-Fi's multiple binding mechanisms include the lipophilic bonding of the protein to fat, hydrogen bonding of soluble and insoluble fiber to water, and entrapment and surface tension forces exerted by the expanded fiber matrix.

Our Customers Use Citri-Fi For...

Moisture Management


Citri-Fi will bind more moisture, more tightly than comparable ingredients through cooking, baking, freezing and product shelf life. Citri-Fi inhibits purge, evaporative and drip loss, moisture migration during storage, ice crystal formation and syneresis upon thawing to improve yields, profit margins and quality.


Partial Oil, Fat, Egg and Meat Replacement

Citri-Fi is an excellent partial oil, fat, egg and meat replacer used to reduce ingredient costs and improve profit margins, nutrition and ingredient declarations for a wide variety of food products. Citri-Fi and extra water cost less than the oil, fat, egg and meat they replace. Such application of Citri-Fi will also help to improve nutrition by reducing fat, trans fat, saturated fat and calories per serving.


Replacement of Synthetic Ingredients


All natural Citri-Fi improves ingredient declarations while maintaining or reducing costs by replacing synthetic phosphates, emulsifiers, stabilizers and complex gum systems.


Label Friendly Properties

Citri-Fi is a multi-functional food ingredient made from citrus pulp and is all-natural, non-allergenic, GRAS, non-GMO, gluten free, kosher, halal, and has a neutral odor and taste. Citri-Fi is an ingredient, not a food additive, and does not require an e-number in Europe.
Our Customers Experience...
Improved Profit Margins  
  • Improved yields from tightly binding water to reduce purge, syneresis, drip and evaporation losses
  • Lowered costs resulting from partial replacement of higher priced ingredients (eggs, fats, oils, and meats) with Citri-Fi and water
  • Lowered costs resulting from replacement of higher priced complex gum and synthetic stabilizer systems
  • Lowered energy and labor costs resulting from faster bake and cook times when fats and oils are partially replaced with Citri-Fi and water
Improved Quality and Texture
  • Enhanced palatability due to more uniform distribution of moisture in product
  • Reduced moisture migration, ice crystal formation and syneresis upon thawing due to tight binding of free water
  • Tightly bound water helps maintain freshness and delay staling due to inhibited moisture migration, reduced syneresis and purge
  • Improved flavor due to higher retention of natural juices during cooking
  • Better texture, mouthfeel and taste when gums are replaced with Citri-Fi

Improved Nutrition and Ingredient Declarations

  • All natural labeling
  • Reduced calories, fat, trans fat and saturated fat from partial replacement of oil and fat
  • Cleaner ingredient label when Citri-Fi is used to replace synthetic emulsifier and stabilizer ingredients, phosphates and complex gum systems
  • Reduced cholesterol from partial replacement of eggs