Plant-based egg substitute can help manufacturers cut costs, avoid recalls (Food Dive)

By January 2, 2019In the News

egg substitute in Bundt cake with icing

Food manufacturers are looking for an egg substitute to improve various food products such as baked goods, spreads and desserts. Fluctuating costs, labeling and/or health lifestyles drive this market need. Citri-Fi natural citrus fiber is one solution that provides water holding and emulsification properties which improve food products quality and labeling.

This natural fiber’s surface area lends itself to its high water holding capacity and emulsification ability. In baked goods, Citri-Fi can be used as an egg substitute to replace up to 25% egg.  In spreads like mayonnaise or dairy desserts, this natural ingredient can replace all of the egg while maintaining quality. Depending on the process, high shear will also provide not only emulsification but additional viscosity.

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