Frozen Desserts: Keeping them Creamy (Dairy Foods)

By January 16, 2019In the News

Citri-Fi natural citrus fiber improves freeze thaw stability and mouth feel of frozen dessertsFrozen dessert is one super star indulgence rising in ranks of popularity. However, creating these frosty treats entails more than just ingredients, a container and a freezer fairy. These frozen delights require ingredient and formulation expertise and processing know-how. However, due to the clean label and health movement, developers expert in the traditional science find themselves scrambling around for new acceptable ingredients. And when there is a new ingredient(s), there is always a new way or process and critical success factors. If you are one of those thrill seekers, you are going to find this article to be a great value. It captures several challenges and solutions when formulating out-of-the-box frozen desserts.

Regardless of the challenge and solution, there is one natural ingredient, Citri-Fi® natural citrus fiber, that deserves a call-out. This natural fiber’s high surface area efficiently holds onto water and oil to improve the freeze/thaw stability and smooth and creamy mouthfeel. Using Citri-Fi at low usage levels provides the emulsification power without the need for shear.

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Frozen Desserts: Keeping them Cream (Dairy Foods):