JOB OPPORTUNITY: Research Chemist, Scientist or Engineer Position

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Come Work for a Fast Growing, Global Food Ingredient Company!!!

Position:  Research Chemist, Scientist or Engineer Opportunity
Location:  River Falls, WI
R&D Chemist Job Description 2017

Company Brief:

Fiberstar, Inc. is a growing company that sells and manufactures functional clean label food ingredients and is looking for a R&D Chemist, Scientist, or Engineer to lead its new product development efforts. The employee will have responsibilities for ensuring the company meets its objectives for developing new product properties of citrus fiber based ingredients.  While the materials are citrus fibers based, they contain native pectin and have many functional properties, which is why experience working with hydrocolloids is beneficial. To accomplish the new product goals, the employee will need to perform research and work closely with team members to coordinate and work hands-on to facilitate research projects both in-house and work with research partners.  One of the key research partners will be the University of Minnesota. An advanced degree is preferred but not required and a preferred candidate will have 4+ years experience working with hydrocolloids and emulsifiers in a wide variety of food and beverage applications.  Great opportunity to develop new ingredients and to grow with a small company that is well-positioned for continued growth in the marketplace.  For more information on Fiberstar please visit our website at

Job Description:

  • Design experiments, research best practices, and develop a plan for new process testing.
  • Perform laboratory and pilot plant testing to develop process & measurement techniques for targeted properties. Work with team members on application testing with the new product properties.
  • Assist with scale-up and full-scale production equipment testing to transfer laboratory findings to pilot and full scale manufacturing.
  • Prepare of technical reports, written process guidelines, and presentations.
  • Work closely with engineering team to transfer knowledge and assist with scale-up and manufacturing.
  • Coordinates and/or attends weekly cross functional team meetings with R&D, Marketing personnel and others to discuss projects and associated timelines, goals and objectives.
  • Partner with Sales, Manufacturing, Operations and vendors to coordinate plant trial production processes and inclusive of scheduling and material (ingredients, packaging etc.) delivery logistics.
  • Travel to partner research facilities and attend live plant trials as needed.
  • Collaborates with Quality Assurance to ensure food safety, SQF and HACCP program requirements are met and to provide product specifications and other related information.
  • Learns the various manufacturing equipment capabilities associated with the processes for which products may be developed.
  • Maintains ongoing research and knowledge of technical service developments inclusive of potential opportunities for new products and new developments within the industry.
  • Partners with co-manufacturers and internal facilities to troubleshoot or optimize product formulations and production efficiencies.
  • Engages academia and trade associations (etc) to promote innovation from external resources.
  • Assist in regulatory affairs to obtain necessary approvals for products, and manage lab environmental, health, and safety reporting requirements.
  • Communicate technical results both verbally and written to team members, customers, and sales people. Assist in writing technical proposals, including grant proposals.

Preferred Qualifications:

Preferred candidates would have 4+ years work experience with a background working with hydrocolloids and emulsifiers.   BS, MS, or PhD in Chemistry, Food Science, Food Engineering, or similar.  Excellent written and verbal communication skills required.

In Return:

  • A base salary to commensurate with experience.
  • Benefits package – medical insurance, flex-plan, & 401(k)
  • Great opportunity to grow with a small company that is well-positioned for continued growth in the marketplace.


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