Fiberstar, Inc. Introduces Natural, Clean Label Food Ingredient Solutions for Beverage Products

By May 24, 2017News

Citri-Fi® a natural citrus fiber provides multiple functionalities such as texture, emulsification, stabilization, pulp extension and mouthfeel when replacing ingredients such as carrageenan, gums, starch, corn-based maltodextrins and other chemically modified ingredients in clean label beverages.

Fiberstar, Inc. President and CEO, John Haen says, “Initially, we began marketing Citri-Fi to Europe as an E-number replacement option for beverages. Today, we are assisting Customers around the globe with starch and/or gum replacement solutions, including carrageenan, in beverages.”

Formulating with natural and clean label ingredients is not an easy feat. This requires resources and support. “We continue to work with beverage manufacturers to provide superior technical service alongside the Citri-Fi product to optimize their formulation efforts.” says Mr. Haen.

Citri-Fi’s patented physical process creates a citrus fiber containing a unique composition of insoluble and soluble fiber (mostly native pectin), protein and lipids. The high surface area and native pectin provide the natural emulsification stabilization needed in certain beverages. This is key to replacing one or more E-number or negatively perceived ingredients which vary by region and country including and not limited to carrageenan, xanthan gum, titanium dioxide, starches, maltodextrin and other gums.

One recent trend is carrageenan replacement in beverages like neutral protein drinks such as sports nutrition and non-dairy or nut-based milks. Citri-Fi 100M40 at 0.3% in conjunction with gellan gum at 0.03% can replace 100% carrageenan while maintaining superior mouthfeel and oil and protein stabilization over shelf life. In a similar way, Citri-Fi also can replace other gums including xanthan gum. In instant dry mix beverages, Citri-Fi 100FG at 0.6% can be used to replace 100% of the xanthan gum while maintaining organoleptic properties such as mouthfeel and texture. On other hand, some manufacturers look for natural clouding agents. Citri-Fi 100M40 is used at 0.001% to 0.015% in conjunction with another natural stabilizer and shear to create cloud in a homogenous and stable beverages.

When using flavor oils, replacing silica or maltodextrins is another area of interest. Citri-Fi 100M40 has about 25% oil load and can disperse flavor-based oils into beverages at about 0.25% depending on the oil. Not only does the Citri-Fi provide oil stabilization once dispersed, but also, this natural fiber improves the mouthfeel, texture and clouding in the final beverage.

Other beverage solutions includes pulp extension. In certain parts of the world, extending pulp of expensive fruits is a cost savings strategy. Depending on the fruit or vegetable drink, Citri-Fi 100 at 0.3% to 0.4% can replace up to 15% pulp. Not only may this provide cost savings, but this natural fiber can be labeled as citrus fiber, dried citrus pulp or citrus flour.

Because Citri-Fi’s functionalities complement most hydrocolloids on the market and because ingredient perception varies among consumers, manufacturers have more options to choose from when creating a clean label beverage. Citri-Fi is non-GMO, National Organic Program Compliant, allergen-free and considered sustainable.

John Haen concludes, “This is an exciting time for our Company. Our natural Citri-Fi product offerings meet the needs of the clean label market. We are globally recognized as a plant-based, natural, multi-functional fiber producer which positions us in various attractive markets.”