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March 2019

Clean up Marinades (The National Provisioner)

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clean poultry meat sliced showing juicy texture due to high yieldClean label is also impacting the meat and poultry industry. This trend is changing the way developers improve yields, reduce sodium reduction and minimize microbial. Though phosphates work miracles when improving yields, texture and the bottom line, there are other options available. This article identifies alternative methods of cleaning up label declarations. One possibility mentioned is using citrus fiber as a powerful binder. Citrus flour like Citri-Fi can be used to not only improve yields in conjunction with phosphates, however, this natural citrus flour can be used to also replace phosphates. Citri-Fi when used in conjunction with rice starches, carrageenan and or sodium carbonate can help maintain yields and texture.

Read article: Clean up Marinades (The National Provisioner)

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Water Works (Meat and Poultry)

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Chicken drumsticks on a Plate with high yield and juicy textureYield improvement in meat and poultry is possible by holding more water. There are several methods available to increase water holding and yield. One in particular is using Citri-Fi natural citrus flour. When used with rice starch, Citri-Fi  can replace phosphates in meat and poultry while maintaining high yields. Learn more about improving yields and the pros and cons of different approaches – Water Works (Meat and Poultry)

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